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ROCK ON REQUEST MAGAZINE Review of Brave New World

intodown- 'Brave New World', available February 2008.

Listening to intodown's latest release 'Brave New World', I found myself feeling like somewhat of a time traveler. The music of intodown can best be described as 60's rock with definite futuristic elements. With songs that are fast paced rock such as 'Elevator', and even slower songs such as 'intodown', the cd really brings together a perfect blend of rock, blues and a 60's psychedelic flavor.

Amazing and distinct guitars played by Michael Clark, who is also the vocalist and in charge of the cd's sound design, bring to mind such great artists as B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd. Featuring a variety of drummers, bassists, and trumpets, the Texas-based band brings together a collective sound mixing with many different genres and makes fans feel like they are on a great psychedelic listening experience. This music is haunting, at times chilling and I couldn't help but wonder what is going on in Michael Clark's head when he writes. I say that with nothing but respect, knowing that creativity is a very subjective and individual experience.

The best compliment I could pay to intodown for their work on 'Brave New World' would be to say that I could picture the members of Pink Floyd having it on their iPods, without a doubt. This cd is definitely worth a listen, or two, or three....


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