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THE MUSIC FREELANCER'S Review of Brave New World

Michael Clark leads the musical cast that also includes a rotation of several musicians playing bass and drum parts found on Brave New World. Clark wears many hats on this release that include, guitarist, composer, and producer.

As an old car ad use to say, 'This isn't your dad's Oldsmobile' intodown isn't your normal music. Clark's music is a built upon a base of progressive rock along with big heapings of psychedelic, stoner, 60's guitar rock, blues, and experimental mixed in to create a very unique sound.They want their music to be more then a singular sound intodown wants to, 'create a world of sound, a musical journey'.

The music found on Brave New World has a dark almost industrial sound that always is there lurking in the background while Clark's guitar playing keeps you mesmerized. The music has the feeling of always being on the edge of total chaos but manages to never crossover the line into musical madness.

For the most part Brave New World is instrumental minus the occasional low-tone vocals or haunting background words.This release lets you hear what music can sound like when not under the, keep it short for radio play rule. 7 and 8-minute songs are the norm with both the 12 minutes ("Nostradamous") and 20 minutes medley ("Fire", "V", "Revolution","Message Understood", "The Mission, "Revolution 2" "Voice of the Past")

If you're looking for epic music where the psychedelic past of the 60's meets up with a dark futuristic industrial sound, that is dripping with great guitar work, then you need to get intodown's Brave New World.Brave New World isn't an easy listen but if you're willing to spend the time and take this musical thrill ride you will be justly rewarded.


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