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Dallas, Texas-based intodown, a band that has garnered illicit descriptions along the lines of progressive, psychedelic, space, stoner, and experimental rock, will celebrate the release of their latest full-length, "Brave New World", in February 2008.

Often referred to by peers and fans as "the 60s band from the future!" because their sound fuses some of the best elements of the great bands of that time period, with a fresh, contemporary palette, "Brave New World", takes the listener on an intense, epic, psychedelic sonic journey; down the rabbit hole.

The core of intodown is guitarist, composer, and producer Michael Clark, a man who understands the history of psychedelic guitar, and can both emulate and build upon the greats, helping to propel Clark to the status of a psychedelic guitarist whom transcends all the usual musical definitions. A unique blend of progressive, blues, surf, 60s rock sensibilities, and totally out there psychedelia, Clark turns the abstract and dissident into a mind-altering journey, one that unfolds as each new track appears on the album.

"Brave New World" is a 12-track collection of the musical exploration that fills Clark's mind, as he sweeps through Jimi Hendrix, the 13th Floor Elevators, Cream, Miles Davis, and Theolonius Monk, among other, their influences the road map to the journey intodown takes you on.

From aggressive to calm, spooky to surreal, haunting to perplexing, and most of all, subdued to controlled chaos, intodown creates a world of sound, a musical journey not unlike wonderland for music fans and snobs alike, ensuring that the ride is smooth and comfortable, though never predictable or tame.


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